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Additional Electrical-Electronics Training Options and Publications by Vince Fischelli
Available publications and Power Point presentations with links to purchase are listed below.

"Multiple Battery Troubleshooting in
12V-24V Systems

12V-24V PDF Publication (28 Pages) $49.00 BUY NOW!
Shows how to test and troubleshoot multiple batteries connected in various 12V and 24V electrical systems. Explains and illustrates a 3-step test procedure using a DMM and Current Clamp through all phases of vehicle operation, REST, CRANKING, ENGINE RUN. PDF document sent next day in a 2nd email after purchase. Please allow one working day to process your order.

12V-24V Power Point Presentation follows publication with talking points on screen. $149.00 BUY NOW!

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"Intro to Lab Scopes and Wave Form Analysis"

Publication explains in 8 chapters the terminology of lab scopes, lab scope controls and complete set-up procedure for a dual-trace analog lab scope. Chapters follow using a scope to measure DC voltages, measuring AC voltage and signals, measuring digital signals including PWM signals, techniques of wave form analysis with exercises and ramping electron current. $69.00 BUY NOW

Scope Power Point Presentation follows same publication with talking points on screen. $149.00 BUY NOW!

"Essential AC Electric Theory & Basic Circuits of Hybrid Electric Vehicles"

The next revolution in the auto industry is here - hybrid electric drive cars (HEVs), hybrid electric drive SUVs and hybrid electric drive pick-up trucks! Are you ready for this new service opportunity or will you wait till the last minute when that first hybrid electric drive vehicle comes in? This training manual by Vince Fischelli is now available to help you get ready for the exciting service & repair opportunity in hybrid electric drive vehicles!

Over 100 pages and more than 75 illustrations including schematic diagrams of complex hybrid electric drive circuits used in hybrid electric cars. This publication is very advanced in AC electrical theory and briefly explains the complex circuits used to operate hybrid-electric vehicles.

Learn about AC electrical principles and how AC is different from DC. It's a whole new ball game! Hybrid electric drive cars operate on AC electrical principles in addition to DC electrical principles. Learn about hybrid electric drive vehicles, high voltage battery packs, electric drive motors and how the electronics control an electric drive motor in a HEV with Vince's new manual.

BUY BOOK NOW $65.00 (plus s/h)

Power Point Presentation follows this publication with talking points on screen. $249.00 - BUY NOW!

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Purchase Power Point Presentations
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PowerPoint Presentation for
The Starter Kit H-111A
Follows student workbook H-WB111A with talking points. $225.00 BUY NOW

PowerPoint Presentation for
Troubleshooting DC Motor Circuits H-113
Follows student workbook H-WB113 with talking points. $225.00 BUY NOW

PowerPoint Presentation for
Troubleshooting Relay Circuits H-115
Follows student workbook H-WB115 with talking points. $359.00 BUY NOW

PowerPoint Presentation for
Wire Harness Troubleshooting H-116.
Follows student workbook H-WB116 with talking points. $225.00 BUY NOW

PowerPoint Presentation for
Troubleshooting CAN Bus Circuits H-200.
Follows student workbook H-WB200 with talking points. $300.00 BUY NOW

PowerPoint Presentation of "....Electrical SHORTCUTS." Includes slides and photographs of 7 complete sections following the text with talking points and slides of review questions. $495.00 BUY NOW

PowerPoint Presentation of FIRST THINGS FIRST-Pro with extensive step-by-step talking points following the student workbook. Includes each test step illustrated in final test sequence. $399.00 BUY NOW

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