The Hands-On Home-Study
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Troubleshooting Training Program
Starter Kit, H-111A

The first step in "hands-on" electrical
troubleshooting training!

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This is a picture of the first trouble-shooting trainer you will study, the Starter Kit, H-111A! With these complete troubleshooting trainer circuit boards, 10.25 long x 4.0 inches wide, students/technicians learn to test an electrical circuit with a DMM and the most common six ways a vehicle electrical circuit fails.

This is followed by practice trouble-shooting all of these problems with a live circuit. Circuit failures can occur anywhere in a circuit (voltage side, ground side or problem in the load). Find every problem with a fool-proof step-by-step troubleshooting procedure explained in this training program!

Electrical circuit troubleshooting is so easy when you know how!

Begin with this hands-on troubleshooting trainer, the
Starter Kit, H-111A, because the Power Board H-PCB01 and Power Supply, H-PS01, are needed to work with the remaining 4 troubleshooting trainers. Learn the principles of testing and measuring live vehicle electrical circuits with your DMM. Learn about correct and incorrect circuit voltage readings, various types of voltage drop testing methods and troubleshooting shorts to ground as you practice 32 electrical problems one at a time, step-by-step.

You will learn how circuits fail and how to troubleshoot each electrical problem by inserting a problem on the bottom of the circuit boards. Follow simple instructions in the instructor guide (H-IG111A) that comes with the Starter Kit to insert each problem.

Create open circuits and voltage drops all over the circuit. Create short circuits and shorts to ground. Discover why many of these electrical problems are so elusive they are often overlooked by techs and prevent a circuit from working like new after they think it's fixed.

Never have a voltage drop problem in a vehicle circuit slip by you again unnoticed after studying this troubleshooting trainer! Learn how to conclusively use voltage drop testing to identify circuit problems especially those annoying and illusive intermittent circuit problems. Find intermittent circuit problems even when they are not showing up. You will be surprised how easy it is.

You will practice electrical troubleshooting with The Starter Kit by following 32 programmed troubleshooting problems to teach you how to troubleshoot and find all types of electrical problems at any point in the circuit.

Student Workbook H-WB111A, written for home-study emphasizes step-by-step instructions. One copy is included with The Starter Kit and explains vehicle circuit failures and contains troubleshooting tips and worksheets for all 32 troubleshooting practice problems to develop your troubleshooting skill.

Instructor Guide H-IG111A, one copy also included with each
Starter Kit, shows you how to insert circuit faults and has the answers to all circuit problems until you can troubleshoot with your eyes (almost) closed.

Everything you need to get started with this hands-on troubleshooting training program is packaged in a handy Starter Kit Box, Part Number H-111A. Several students/technicians can use a Starter Kit's Troubleshooting Trainer Circuit Boards to reduce training costs if each has his/her own Student Workbook H-WB111A which are available separately in quantities needed.

Use the Troubleshooting Trainer Circuit Boards over & over to review troubleshooting from time to time and stay sharp.

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Each Starter Kit contains:
1 ea. 13.8V Power Supply H-PS01
 1 ea. Power Circuit Board H-PCB01A
 1 ea. Lamp Circuit Board H-PCB02A
1 ea. Student Workbook H-WB111A
1 ea. Instructor Guide H-IG111A
 1 ea. Resistor Bag H-RB01/02


To purchase a Starter Kit, H-111A Click Here

The Power Board supplied in the Starter Kit provides B+ and B- (ground) to operate all circuits. The Lamp Board is the first electrical load circuit to be studied. The Student Workbook provides instructions on using these circuit board troubleshooting trainers and guides the student through the full troubleshooting training program. The Instructor Guide explains how to insert opens, shorts and voltage drop problems in the circuit boards for troubleshooting practice with all the answers for comparison and grading.

For a schematic of the printed circuit board layout click here.
For a straight line troubleshooting schematic click here.
For a photograph of the starter kit circuit boards click here.

To see how the Starter Kit, H-111A, fits into the Mini-Electrical System Troubleshooting Trainer (H-116) click here.

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Concerning electrical power line connections in your country:

The H-PS01 Power Supply normally supplied in the Starter Kit operates on a line voltage of 110-120 VAC 60 Hz and has a standard plug for the wall socket used in the United States.

If your line voltage is 220 VAC you must use a 220 VAC power supply. We have two optional versions of a 220 VAC Power Supply. One has the
EURO style plug and the other has the UK style plug. Simply request which power supply (Euro or UK) you would like us to include in your Starter Kit under Special Instructions on our shopping cart order form. An additional $25.00 (USD) charge for the 220 VAC power supply is automatically added to your purchase but does not appear on the shopping cart when you place your order.


Terms of Warranty: The H-PS01 Power Supply and Circuit Boards are covered by warranty against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year from date of purchase. Any damage to the H-PS01 Power Supply or circuit boards due to abuse or misuse, exposure to high voltage or current is not covered by this warranty agreement. The white ink (silk screen) painted on the circuit boards is NOT covered under the terms of this warranty if it is rubbed off during use. With care the white ink silk screen should last the lifetime of the circuit boards. A copy of the original purchasing invoice must accompany all warranty service requests. Customer is responsible for the shipping charges to Veejer Enterprises Inc. Veejer Enterprises Inc. will pay the return shipping cost.

Don't miss out!
You can master auto and truck electrical and electronic circuit troubleshooting and do it at home or in the shop!

Each Starter Kit price is only $269.00 (USD)
with 1 each Student Workbook & Instructor Guide
& Resistor Bag H-RB01
(plus shipping/handling)
Power Supplies for UK and Europe are substituted for $25.00 additional cost each. Please specify in your order which one (Euro or UK) you need.
Shipping outside a USA zip code is an additional shipping charge.
Sorry, but we have no control over shipping charges to foreign countries.

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The second Troubleshooting Trainer Circuit Board, is an add-on to the Starter Kit, "Troubleshooting DC Motor Circuits" - Part Number H-113 is available. This module contains 42 DC Motor troubleshooting exercises, a home-study student manual (H-WB113) and an instructor guide (H-IG113) with all the answers.

The third Troubleshooting Trainer Circuit Board, is an add-on to the Starter Kit, entitled, "Troubleshooting Relay Circuits" - Part Number H-115. This module contains 75 relay circuit troubleshooting exercises, a home-study manual (H-WB115) and an instructor guide (H-IG115) with all the answers.

The fourth Troubleshooting Trainer Circuit Board, is an add-on to the Starter Kit, entitled, "Wire Harness Troubleshooting" - Part Number H-116. This module contains 114 wire harness circuit troubleshooting exercises, a home-study manual (H-SM06) and an instructor guide (H-IG06) with all the answers.

The fifth Troubleshooting Trainer Circuit Board, is an add-on to the Starter Kit entitled "CAN Bus Troubleshooting" Part Number H-200. This module contains 20 problems in the 60 ohm network wiring and 24 problems troubleshooting voltage and ground circuits to nodes.

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