CAN Bus Network
Troubleshooting Training

 There are 2 options for
CAN Bus training from Veejer Enterprises, a book with color photos and a hands-on CAN Bus electrical trainer. Read below!

Option 1: A book, the title:
"Some Things They Don't Tell You About
CAN Bus Troubleshooting

A 49 page training program in full color photographs discusses how the CAN Bus system operates and explains simple ways to test the live CAN Bus signal on the vehicle. Three ways are demonstarted to determine if CAN Bus data is flowing without using a lab scope. The unique and dedicated CAN Bus transceiver circuit inside every control unit (Node) connected to the CAN Bus network is explained. Learn how to test the transceiver circuit in an on-board control unit with common VOM and DMM ohmmeters to determine if it has failed to help the technician decide a new control unit is definitely needed. The training program concludes with a step-by-step CAN Bus troubleshooting procedure.

This training program contains 20 diagrams of schematics and illustrated electrical test procedures with 43 color photographs showing the step-by-step test procedures and good ohmmeteer readings obtained. Any tech can learn these simple electrical test procedures to restore CAN Bus operation and repair common on-board computer problems affecting CAN Bus operation. This is the first time this information has been made available to service technicians.

You have two ways to purchase a copy of the CAN Bus book - either in PDF format or a printed book.

A PDF copy of "CAN Bus" is sent by return email after your credit card is processed. WATCH YOUR JUNK FOLDER!
$49.00 per copy BUYpdf copy NOW!

Watch for your incoming emails for a message with the PDF attached. It may arrive in your Junk folder. It should arrive in about 24 hours or maybe the same or next work day (office closed on weekends and your order is processed the first business day). Print a hard copy from this PDF anytime.

A Print copy is the same CAN Bus material as the PDF version. This is a printed copy of the material. The "CAN Bus" book version also has the same 43 full color photos and 20 line art illustrations. It is available for $79.00 per print copy plus standard shipping by postal service.


Option 2: "Hands-On" Training
CAN Bus "Hands-On" Troubleshooting
Training Program, H-200

To view a video of the H-200 Hands-On Trainer on YouTube type "H-200 vince" in YouTube search bar. The demo runs for 18 minutes and explains what the H-200 Trainer will do.

Technicians repairing CAN Bus failures must have specific troubleshooting skills to repair CAN Bus wiring network problems as well as troubleshoot the voltage feeds (B+) and ground circuits (B-) to any node (network computer). The CAN Bus Trainer Board efficiently provides electrical troubleshooting training to find problems with the CAN Bus network wiring when there is 60 ohms at the DLC Pins 6 and 14. It also provides electrical troubleshooting training finding voltage and ground problems to nodes that will block communication between nodes. The CAN Bus Trainer, H-PCB200, is shown below connected to the Power Board from the Starter Kit, H-111A.

There are two sections to the "hands-on" training program included in the H-200 CAN Bus Troubleshooting Training Program.

CAN Bus Troubleshooting Trainer Board H-PCB200
shown connected to the optional
Power Board, H-PCB01 from the Starter Kit H-111A.

Section 1 covers network wiring problems and requires the stand alone CAN Bus Trainer H-PCB200.
If network resistance measured at the DLC Pins 6 and 14 is 60 ohms, 120 ohms or 240 ohms, what does that indicate? What else could be wrong with CAN Bus network wiring when the correct 60 ohms is measured at the DLC?

These are just some of the many topics covered. Sixty ohms does not always confirm a good CAN Bus network exists. The student workbook provides troubleshooting steps and practice troubleshooting exercises to find the problem with "hands-on" testing using an ohmmeter.

There are 20 common CAN Bus failures in the 60 ohm CAN Bus network with 3 Nodes connected to the CAN Bus for "hands-on" troubleshooting practice.

Many network wiring failures occur and the CAN Bus network still measures 60 ohms at the DLC. A 60 ohm reading may hide a network failure that kills CAN Bus operation. Learn how to identify these problems and repair them with a digital ohmmeter.

Extensive discussion in the Student Workbook explains and illustrates the troubleshooting techniques needed to identify any network wiring failure. All CAN Bus network wiring faults can be troubleshot without the need to connect the CAN Bus Trainer to the Power Board. All you need is a H-PCB200 trainer board, a copy of the student workbook and a digital ohmmeter. But first read on -

Section 2:
Requires the CAN Bus Trainer be connected to the Power Board and Power Supply contained in H-111A Starter Kit which is purchased separately.

(To read about and/or order the Starter Kit H-111A please

After CAN Bus network wiring is repaired or proven to be fully functional, instruction is provided in the student workbook H-WB200 for testing Node voltage and ground circuit problems with a DMM.

If a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) indicates a problem with a Node, what should be checked next to ensure the Node has what it needs to function? The CAN Bus Trainer, H-PCB200, provides hands-on troubleshooting training for these electrical issues.

There are 24 electrical problems relating to voltage and ground circuit problems to Nodes. To troubleshoot these voltage and ground side problems you must have a Power Board from H-111A to complete the live circuit. The "live" circuit simulates power and ground circuits connecting to Nodes and the electrical problems that can occur (OPENs, Voltage drops and shorts-to-ground and shorts-to-voltage). There are 4 additional advanced troubleshooting problems that will test your newly acquired CAN Bus troubleshooting skills. That's a total of 28 practice voltage and ground problems to Nodes in Part Two.

Please Note: The CAN Bus Trainer Board, H-PCB200, does not provide an active CAN Bus signal on the network. To do so would require extensive circuitry and very high cost that would make this training program too expensive to produce or purchase.

Besides, a technician is not responsible to go into a Node (on-board computer) to perform internal circuit board repair. The job of the technician is to confirm the Node has an internal problem and stop there. He determines the Node should be replaced and have confidence the problem will be resolved.

All of these CAN Bus failures would be practically impossible to duplicate on an actual vehicle due to the time required inserting problems and gaining access to a wide range of vehicle circuits. The H-200 CAN Bus Training Program provides easy access to circuits to study each unique CAN Bus failure mode and practice the corrective troubleshooting procedures through simulation and extensive instruction with "hands-on" practice. This instruction is then followed by repetitious troubleshooting exercises to develop confident CAN Bus troubleshooting skills.

The CAN Bus Trainer allows a technician to experience a total of 48 CAN Bus problems in 8-12 hours of training with hands-on practice troubleshooting to find the problem. This training program is designed for home study or tech school curriculum. This is the first time this type of CAN Bus troubleshooting training and repair information is available to service technicians.

H-200 includes:
1 each - printed circuit board H-PCB200
(shown above)
1 each - Resistor Bag H-RB200
1 each - Student Workbook H-WB200
1 each - Instructor Guide H-IG200

To order the H-200 CAN Bus hands-on training program for technicians by itself as described above

To order a H-111A Starter Kit alone CLICK HERE.

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To study the complete CAN Bus Training Program you need both a H-111A Starter Kit ($279.00) and a H-200 CAN Bus Trainer ($199.00).
Normally both cost $478.00.
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Even without the CAN Bus circuit board H-PCB200, the technician/student workbook, H-WB200 is an excellent training aid to explain how CAN Bus works, how CAN Bus circuits fail and the troubleshooting techniques needed to identify and repair CAN Bus problems. There are over 85 pages and over 40 illustrations and schematic diagrams.

Extra Workbook H-WB200
The workbook is available by itself for $40.00
To purchase a CAN Bus Workbook H-WB200, used in home-study and tech schools for advanced study in CAN Bus electrical troubleshooting Click Here.

To purchase the Power Point Presentation that follows workbook H-WB200 for classroom instruction Click Here.

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