DC Motor Circuit
Troubleshooting Trainer
Electrical Trainer H-113
First Add-on Troubleshooting Trainer
to the "Starter Kit, H-111A"

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The next troubleshooting trainer continues to develop electrical troubleshooting skills as techs learn to troubleshoot brush less DC Motor (new technology) circuits and brush-type DC Motors (starters and blower motors).

This add-on module consists of a DC Motor Circuit Board Troubleshooting Trainer, Part Number H-PCB03 (H-113), which is plugged into the Power Board from the Starter Kit (H-111A), as shown here.

A dedicated Home-Study Student Workbook, Part Number H-WB113, walks Techs through the theory, operation and troubleshooting techniques of brush less DC Motor Circuits. Material also discusses testing common brush-type DC Motors used as starter motors and a/c-heater blower motor circuits using a Current Clamp.

Students learn characteristics of analog ohmmeters, their differences and operating characteristics to understand which ohmmeter could be used to test a brush less DC motor before ordering a new one. Students also learn to use the Diode Test feature of a DMM to test a brush less DC motor.

After about 30 pages of self-paced step-by-step instruction, Techs begin troubleshooting 37 individual electrical problems in the DC Motor circuit which are inserted one at a time on the bottom of the circuit boards following instructions in the Instructor Guide, H-IG113.

The DC Motor circuit is described as an engine-cooling fan circuit to add realism to the 37 troubleshooting problems with actual cooling fan symptoms, such as engine run hot (weak cooling fan operation). Circuit problems inserted are open circuits, voltage drop problems on either the voltage-side or the ground-side of the circuit, short-to-ground and short-to-voltage problems with some added enhancements over the original Starter Kit troubleshooting problems.

Learn to quickly troubleshoot and identify advanced ground-side problems. Follow these troubleshooting procedures and breeze through ground-side problems in any vehicle circuit.

One problem simulates a battery drain problem because the cooling-fan runs all the time when the ignition switch (on the Power Board) is switched OFF. The realism added to the troubleshooting problems helps to maintain interest and relate the troubleshooting exercises to real world problems.

After mastering the first 37 DC Motor circuit problems there are 5 Advanced Electrical Problems to present additional challenge to Techs who are ready for more of an advance test of their troubleshooting ability. That's a total of 42 individual electrical troubleshooting problems.

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Troubleshooting DC Motor Circuit Kit
H-113 module contains the following:
1 - DC Motor Circuit Board, H-PCB03
 1 - Resistor Bag H-RB03
 1 - Home-Study Student Man. H-WB113
 1 - Instructor Guide H-IG113


Troubleshooting DC Motor Circuit Kit, H-113
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H-113 Troubleshooting DC Motor Circuits
H-PCB03 DC Motor Circuit Board
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