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The H-116 Wire Harness Troubleshooting Trainer module should be used after completing the first three hands-on training programs of the Starter Kit, H-111A, Troubleshooting DC Motor Circuits, H-113, and Troubleshooting Relay Circuits, H-115. The H-PCB06 Wire Harness Trainer (H-116) is shown below.

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Create a Mini-Electrical System (or M.E.S.)
This is
for advanced level auto/truck electrical-electronic troubleshooting training that relates specifically to wire harness problems and electrical "systems" troubleshooting to deal with circuits interacting with each other as happens in a vehicle.

Connect The Starter Kit H-111A's Power Board, H-PCB01 at top center of the Wire Harness at C700A.




Connect the Lamp Board, H-PCB02 at the bottom lower left at C700B.

Connect the Relay Board, H-PCB05 in the bottom center at C700C.

Connect the DC Motor Board H-PCB03 at the far bottom right at C700D.


"Electrical Systems" Troubleshooting

Develop electrical trouble-shooting skills with 114 individual electrical problems using the Wire Harness Troubleshooting Trainer, H-PCB06 in module H-116 to control the other trouble-shooting trainers when they are all connected together to create a M.E.S. (Mini-Electrical-System).

Students practice what we call "electrical systems" troubleshooting where wire harness problems can affect perfectly good circuits.

Learn to trace circuit voltages and find open connections and voltage drop problems in multiple circuits connected together. Learn how bad connections in the wire harness can affect perfectly good circuits.

Troubleshooting wiring harnesses can be a difficult task given all the possibilities of how a wire harness can fail with broken wires (open circuits), corroded wires & connections (voltage drops), shorts-to-ground and shorts-to-voltage problems on the voltage side or problems on the ground side.

No need to ever replace a wire harness because there is a problem, instead, fix it right the first time!

The Wire Harness Troubleshooting Trainer Program, H-116 shows you how to troubleshoot, identify and repair any type of wire harness problem.

Learn to troubleshoot electrical "system" problems when a circuit in the "electrical system" is not functioning correctly or when one problem affects more than one circuit. Is it a problem in the wiring on the voltage side? Is it a problem in the wiring on the ground side? Is it a problem isolated in only one circuit? Is it a problem in a part of the wire harness common to more than one circuit?

Answers to these questions and how to troubleshoot these types of wiring harness problems are covered in this troubleshooting trainer module, H-116.

See how one circuit's problem can affect other perfectly good circuits that are part of the same electrical system. Learn how to find where the real problem is located.
You will learn to think and troubleshoot electrical systems while tracing OPEN circuits and Voltage Drop problems throughout the M.E.S. electrical system. Then experience advanced training in tracing down shorts-to-ground and shorts-to-voltage in the wiring harness with the additional in-depth technical training provided.

Learn how a wire present in a wire harness but not being used in any vehicle circuit can cause a short-to-ground or a short-to-voltage. Learn why these wires are present in the wire harness. After you complete all 114 wire harness electrical problems you will never again be stumped by a wire harness problem.

Each Wire Harness Troubleshooting Kit H-116, contains a Wire Harness Troubleshooting Trainer, H-PCB06 (see photo above) and a Resistor Bag with accessories to insert all 114 problems. Included in H-116 is a home-study Student Workbook, H-SM06 or H-WB116 containing over 100 pages with study material and places to record all troubleshooting steps for each of the 114 electrical problems. An Instructor Guide, H-IG06 or H-IG116 is included with instructions for inserting problems and all the exercise answers.

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1 ea. Instructor Guide H-IG116
1ea. Resistor Bag H-RB06 for inserting troubleshooting problems.

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